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by   Peter M May and Darren Rowland
Chemistry, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Australia 6150

and  Kevin Murray, Insight Modelling Services, South Africa

JESS is now usually supplied as the WindowsXP / Windows 7 version via download link as follows.

1.  The main JESS databases (including the thermodynamic reaction, physicochemical properties and literature reference data).

2.  Executable program images only, i.e. no FORTRAN code. The supplied codes support all the stages of calculation required for general equilibrium modelling but not for kinetic simulations. The interface is command-driven from within DOS windows.

The database management systems and all associated programs are included, permitting new chemical systems to be inserted and existing systems to be modified. Subsequent stages of calculation involve (i) the generation of sub-databases, (ii) the formulation of a suitable basis set and a corresponding set of reactions, (iii) the determination of 'unconditional correction coefficients' for modelling changes in temperature and ionic strength, (iv) the establishment of appropriate mass balance equations, (v) the solution of these equations and (vi) the output of results to VDU, printer or spreadsheet.

Our Primer documents provide a more detailed description of JESS and can be downloaded.

To protect our intellectual property, JESS is always supplied under a licence agreement that prohibits copying of the system except for installation purposes. We are also obliged to make a nominal charge for distributing JESS to cover our various costs, including postage, documentation and computer overheads.

For current details, contact Peter May.