Species e.g. Na+1_Cl-1_(s)

Species symbols should be entered in full, i.e. without truncation. Ambiguities will cause the search to fail.

Species symbols are a sequence of characters that uniquely represent the species concerned. For example (without the quotes), 'Gly-1' represents 'glycinate', 'NH3' represents 'ammonia', 'EDTA-4' represents 'ethylenediaminetetraacetate' and 'CO3-2' represents 'carbonate'.

The above examples all refer to 'primitive species symbols'. In the case of this search, they can also be combined together, using underscore characters '_', to form 'composite species symbols', as in the example above for sodium chloride solid.

You can establish the symbol of any ligand that you require through the 'Find Species Symbol' search.