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The ESTA program suite provides a wide range of facilities for
equilibrium simulation and titration analysis.
Consult the index for details of the following programs.
   ESTA0  - Gran function analysis
   ESTA1  - Titration simulation and pointwise analysis
   ESTA2B - Global optimisation of titration parameters
   ESTA3B - Monte Carlo error analysis
   ESTA7  - Error imposition module
The ESTA programs were developed prior to JESS coding protocols (it
was our experience with ESTA that proved the need and pointed the
way for many of the approaches we have taken in developing JESS.)
For this reason the ESTA programs do not fully conform with the
rest of JESS and sometimes behave idiosyncratically. However, the
ESTA code is now very well tested and, thus, we think reliable.
It is included in the JESS package because we find that it is still
very useful to do so. It is appropriate to use ESTA for simulating and
analysing the potentiometric properties of well controlled laboratory