The authors of JESS are indebted to the many people who have contributed to the JESS project in word or deed.

We thank those who have employed us - we trust JESS will reward their foresight and patience in supporting such a long-term project.

Numerous discussions with colleagues have been invaluable in fine-tuning JESS philosphy and improving the documentation.

Philip J. May was instrumental in setting up and managing the computers and operating systems used to develop this website. Kris Parker's skillful assistance has been unfailing and invaluable!

And, finally, of course, a special word of thanks to all who have assisted with the actual development of code or the entry of data. The following need to be mentioned individually: Peter Cardy, Ria Jooste, David Liles, Ruth May, Julius Pretorius, Marita Roos, Andrew Stanley, Grahame Strong, Peter Verhoeven, Peter Wade, Khin Than Aye and Sandra Blair.